Inspections, testing services & troubleshooting

Our comprehensive testing services guarantee consistently high quality – for both your facilities and our services.

All tests and inspections offered by us are digitally documented and in the majority of cases digitally recorded. Our professional test equipment means we can actively support our customers if a problem occurs in their plant. And when it comes to evaluating the results of the measurements, they profit from our vast expertise and many years of experience. Our customers can also take advantage of our testing service for any form of plant qualification.

Our testing services are provided according to the latest standards and specifications:

  • Pressure testing to PED 2014/68/EU
  • Leak testing to DIN EN 1779
  • Electrical tests to DIN VDE 0113-1 / EN 60204-1 / IEC 60204-1
  • Visual testing (VT) to DIN EN 13018, DIN EN ISO 17637, DIN EN ISO6520-1; qualification to DIN EN ISO 9712
  • Radiographic testing (RT) to customer specifications